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Waterproof Outdoor Rain Cover for Computers

Our specially designed rain covers are hand made from fully weatherproof and tear resistant Cordura Fabric. They come with a clear front to enable full visibility of the Apple Macs, Laptop or Monitor screen whilst still giving you access to your keyboard and mouse. They will fit easily over the top of any size laptop, Apple Mac or Monitor up to 19”.

Safe & Secure

Each computer rain cover comes with a “D” Ring on each corner allowing it to be secured to a table or surface using a bungi rope or some string or perhaps you want to peg it into the ground with some simple tent pegs.

They also come with a fold under bottom piece which is made from the same cordura fabric so you can place your computer or monitor directly on grass, sand or any other surface for protection whether it is wet or dry and fold neatly into a small package for easy storage.

Telescopic Filming

The Laptop Rain Covers can also be used with our telescopic filming systems and will sit neatly over the computer on the laptop shelf. We can also supply an extra large rain cover with bottom skirt to fit over the laptop shelf and undertray….. Click to view our extra large raincovers – SportAV

Bespoke Design

We do offer a bespoke design option for companies or individuals that may use smaller or larger Laptops, Apple Mac’s or Monitors or perhaps have another piece of technology that needs protection from the elements. If you have a certain request then please click here to contact us about it